What is the Backyard Growers Business Center??????

Hi, Sharon here. I am Mike’s assistant and also an administrator on the Backyard Growers Business Center forums. I thought I would share this dialogue with you to give you an idea about what goes on there. Thanks everyone!  July 28, 2015 12:59 am Sarah12417 Member Members Forum Posts: 5 Member Since: June 27, 2015 […]

Shindig at Mike’s Plant Farm 8/8/15

Every year, Mike puts together a shindig at his farm in Perry, Ohio for the members of the Backyard Growers Business Center. Members come from all over the United States to hang out  and to buy and sell plants from Mike and others. This is a Members ONLY event, not open to the public. If […]

Why Some Summer Squash Doesn’t Mature

It happens all too often. You’ll see big blossoms on your summer squash plants and tiny little squashes forming behind the blossoms. But after a few days the blossom dries up and the tiny squash shrivels and turns brown. Why does this happen? There are a number of reasons why this may be occurring in […]

My Nursery and Donkey Points

I’ve had some new business cards printed by Vista.com and I have to tell you that they make it very easy to design your own card. Plus they are reasonably priced and have quick service. I set my cards out on the table and people grab them up! My cards have a photo of Pam, […]



Deadhead your flowers to maintain their beauty! What does deadheading mean? Deadheading is simply the process of removing old, faded blossoms from your flowering plants. If the flowers are left to develop seeds, the plant thinks it has accomplished its goal of reproduction and will stop blooming. Deadheading will encourage plants to put their energy […]

Mike’s Favorite Pruning Shears

We get a lot of emails from our readers.  One question often asked is: Which brand of pruning shears does Mikes use?  This question is an easy one for me to answer. If you were to swing by the nursery right now, you’d find Mike there in his bib overalls.  The way he looks in his […]

How to Propagate Roses from Seed

rose growing

Rose propagation can be an interesting hobby for those who enjoy growing these beautiful flowers. To produce plants that are exact duplicates of the parent plant one would propagate roses with cuttings. But rose propagation from seeds can be a fun experiment, even though this propagation method does not produce duplicates of the parent plant. […]

Propagating Softwood Cuttings of Deciduous Plants

What is a softwood cutting? To help you understand the propagation of softwood cuttings and hardwood cuttings let’s use a Burning Bush as an example. If you watch closely as a Burning Bush develop buds in the early spring, you will see how these little tiny buds quickly develop into new growth shoots, 6″ to […]

When to Prune Hydrangeas

When and how to prune hydrangeas like Endless Summer and other varieties seems to be one of the most confusing issues that gardeners face.  Why is that?  Conflicting information that’s what the problem is.  So in just a moment here I am going to forever set the record straight for you.  But first, let’s have […]

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, a Plant Lovers Plant


If you’re familiar with Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick you know what an interesting and sometimes seemingly bazaar plant it is. But have you ever seen one grown single stem as an ornamental tree? Harry Lauder’s is truly a plant lovers plant and every garden should have one. I like to train them into single stem […]