Plant Propagation Calendar – What You Should Be Doing Now

Do yourself a huge favor and print this off and keep it near your potting bench.  Heck, print off a few copies and hang them where you can see them. January-Mid Winter You can do hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants. Just wait for a day when the ground is not frozen so you can either […]

7 Tips and Tricks to Using Social Media to Advertise for Free!

If you own a business, be it an online business, or backyard nursery, sometimes advertising can be difficult. How do you get your products and/or business name out there? Today more and more people are looking to social media and internet advertising. If you have a limited advertising budget, that’s another reason why it is […]

My Favorite Arborvitae

Techny Arborvitae, also known as Mission Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis ‘Techny’ This by far my favorite Arborvitae!  It has a beautiful dark green color, it grows very dense, it’s a medium fast grower.  Some say it’s a slow grower and compared to a lot of other Arborvitae it is slower growing.  However, you will hear me […]

Which Pruning Shears Does Mike McGroarty Swear By?

We get a lot of emails from our readers.  One question often asked is: Which brand of pruning shears does Mikes use?  This question is an easy one for me to answer. If you were to swing by the nursery right now, you’d find Mike there in his bib overalls.  The way he looks in his […]

10 Indications Your Soil is Bad and How to Fix It

You buy all the seeds and small plants for your vegetable garden. You spend time day dreaming about the day you will pick all the fresh vegetables. But, what you didn’t think about is your soil. Maybe you did, because you’re still having problems that don’t involve garden pests. The problem could be your soil. […]

10 Ideas for a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

veg gard1

You’ve seen raised vegetable garden beds either online or in the backyard of someone you know. They look really great but how do you make one, and is it right for you? Two very good questions. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a raised vegetable garden bed. Pros You have more control over […]

11 Options For Natural Pest Control In Your Garden

A couple of weeks ago we discussed bugs and the damage they can do to your garden. So the logical step is to discuss what you can use to keep these garden killers away. Oddly enough, some of the remedies are (no kidding) bugs!! That’s right. Just doesn’t seem right does it? But, it is […]

Which Wheelbarrow Should You Buy?

Wheelbarrows!  Why so many options?  Why can’t it be simple? One wheel? Two wheels? Plastic tub?   Metal tub? Is a two wheeled garden cart better? Wheelbarrow Logic from Mike McGroarty. Here’s my take on wheelbarrows, from a guy that has made his living for the better part of 40 years using wheelbarrows. In my […]

10 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

10 Plants that repel mosquitos You spend years planning and building your dream backyard patio. Then, as you sit enjoying your backyard, you hear the dreaded buzz of a mosquito as it zips past your ear. What’s a person to do? Do you run back inside your house in fear? No way! Take back your […]

10 Common Garden Pests


10 Common Garden Pests and what to look for. As we approach planting season we may as well have this conversation; Bugs and other nasty garden creepy crawlies. Those nasty garden invaders that take over your hard work and destroy it and leave you seething mad. Some of these invaders are so small, only their […]