The Perfect Plastic Nursery Pot for Your $5.97 Plants

People are all the time asking me; "Mike, where can I get the pots that you use for your $5.97 plants?"  Truth be told, this size pot is difficult to find because most distributors don't stock them.  It has taken us a number of months, but finally we have some we can sell.

But I am going to give you fair warning.

I have no idea whether or not we'll be able to keep a steady supply of them or not, getting them is that difficult.  So if you are interested and the order links on the page are active, you probably ought to order today. Plastic nursery pot height Plastic nursery pot diameter To give you an idea of what size plants we grow and sell in these pots I'm including a few photos of things that we potted recently. Plastic nursery pot with plant Plastic nursery pot with plant filling it out These will be hot sellers in the spring.  We turn them over quickly, that's why we use this smaller pot.  People love to buy them at the lower price and the small pots are easy to carry and the hole they have to dig for planting is much smaller.

Believe me, all of these things come into play when people are thinking about buying plants.  If it's light weight, easy to carry, easy to plant and the price seems fair they are quick to come to a buying decision.

That's why I love selling $5.97 plants!

People just buy them and don't worry about how they are going to get them home, how they are going to drag them across the yard and whether or not they are strong enough or even want to dig a big hole.

That's why they love smaller plants.

Huge selection of $4.97 plants

Huge selection of $5.97 plants

Yep!  We keep a few thousand small plants on hand so our customers always have a nice selection.

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Just pick the quantity that you want, the price displayed is for that quantity.  Click the link to place your order.

We are sold out of nursery pots


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